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terça-feira, março 30, 2004

Professores prometem "envergonhar" o Governo durante Euro 2004

Leio esta no Público Online e penso para mim:

"Muitos deles já cumpriram a "promessa" antes do tempo... Sem terem avisado... "


segunda-feira, março 15, 2004

Ok... estou de volta

E acho que isto vai passar a ter um cunho político mais marcado... enfim quando eu voltar a ter uma actividade mais científica logo se verá.

No blog de Andrew Sullivan li:

It's a spectacular result for Islamist terrorism, and a chilling portent of Europe's future. ... they knew that if al Qaeda were seen to be responsible, the Spanish public would blame Aznar not bin Laden! ... if the appeasement brigade really do believe that the war to depose Saddam is and was utterly unconnected with the war against al Qaeda, then why on earth would al Qaeda respond by targeting Spain? ... the removal of the Taliban and the Saddam dictatorship were two major blows to the cause of Islamist terror. They removed an al Qaeda client state and a potential harbor for terrorists and weapons of mass destruction. ... in yesterday's election victory for the socialists, al Qaeda got even more than it could have dreamed of. It has removed a government intent on fighting terrorism and installed another intent on appeasing it. ... Britain is obviously next. ... it looks more likely now that Europe ... will take the path of least resistance - with far greater bloodshed as a result. ...

E em jeito de previsão:

al Qaeda began issuing a stream of fatwas designating its main operating theatres in Europe. Spain was on the list, but not the first.
1. Turkey was first. Islamic fundamentalists were constrained to recover the honor and glory of the Ottoman caliphates which were trampled by Christian forces in 1917 in the last days of World War I.
2. Spain followed. There, al Qaeda set Muslims the goal of recovering their lost kingdom in Andalusia.
3. Italy and its capital were third. Muslim fundamentalists view Rome as a world center of heresy because of the Vatican and the Pope.
4. Vienna came next because the advancing Muslim armies were defeated there in 1683 before they could engulf the heart of Europe.


No Belmont Club li:

The victory of the Socialist Party in Spain and its probable withdrawal from an active alliance with the United States in the Global War on Terror is a decisive victory for the forces of freedom everywhere ... It establishes the iron linkage between Eurosocialism and militant Islam, indeed demonstrates for all the world to see the subordination of the Euroleft to the Global Jihad. The last claim of Marxism-Leninism to the leadership of history is gone. They are the liveried flunkeys of Sheik Osama. ... The events in Spain show it is no longer possible to embrace both Eurosocialism and national independence; Eurosocialism and national defense; Eurosocialism and survival. The two have become incompatible states. You can have one but not the other. And since men must live and live to breathe free, Eurosocialism must in the end pass into the night chained to its boon companions. ...

Francamente, por muito gosto que eu tenha em ver o socialismo derrotado pelo liberalismo económico não posso deixar de lamentar a perda de um aliado. Mesmo que renitente.

Eu podia dar aqui a minha opinião de como o governo socialista em Espanha prejudica os interesses portugueses... mas a questão deve ser vista noutra escala:

... the practical effect of the Socialist victory will be to open Europe's southern borders to more terrorist infiltration. First, the Socialist leader Zapatero is unlikely to pursue an agressive anti-terrorist policy. ... Spanish access to US intelligence will inevitably be degraded. ...

... France, already at a heightened state of alert, now faces the prospect that its southern neighbor will make a separate peace with the jihadis. For while Aznar's party might have withstood another bombing, Zapatero's, after all their promises, cannot. ...

... Spain, in concert with America and France, shared the watch of North Africa. And since that is where many Al Qaeda have moved ... Europe will find their relative danger increased far more greatly than the Americans, who can comfortably lose the Spanish contingent in Iraq. ...

In the end, the very nature of the War on Terror ultimately means that Europe needs America more than America needs Europe. ... neither France nor Spain have the mobility or the means to pursue their foes ... That deficiency can only be addressed by a sustained program of European defense spending --- and it will not. ...

Eurosocialism, by hitching its wagon to the fortunes of militant Islam has put itself at it's mercy. That is the definition of surrender ...

E mais um:

This is not to say the Spanish Socialist Party is somehow in league with al-Qaeda. But it is clear that one of the things the Islamic Radicals want to do is exploit divisions in the West. ...

... Sure, there is sympathy, but not really a deeply held feeling that we're all in the same boat. People see it as tragic but there is not a "Sept. 11th" feeling. The reaction to Europe's 3/11 is almost identical to European reaction to America's 9/11. ...

... the reactions are very different. They have similarities that mask that difference. The European reaction to 3/11 is as deep as America’s to 9/11. But do they feel they are at war? Is there not only sorrow, but anger? Not in the sense of a desire for revenge, but a desire to insure that “never again”, to eliminate this menace? Or do they still believe that terrorism, like the weather, is just something you have to live with, there is no way to “end” it?

Noutro blog:

it is still not certain that al Qaeda committed the Madrid attacks. But now it does not matter, for even if innocent, al Qaeda has learned a valuable lesson: that such attacks can sway elections in democratic countries.

No obrigatorio Instapundit muitos links... eduquem-se:

Algumas citações para abrir horizontes:

Iraq could have recently been thrown into a civil war but instead its leaders and people understood the situation and did not let the terrorists succeed. So Iraq "gets it" but Spain does not.

The upcoming days for Basque PP members will not be easy: isolated in the Basque country, without the support of the (central) Government, without leadership, and with the eternal terrorist threat hanging over their heads.

O Valete Frates resume bastante bem o assunto e o Intermitente também dá a sua colherada... o que é nacional também é bom.

domingo, março 14, 2004

Não há coincidências

Fiz uma visita à página dos weblogs em Portugal, para ver o ranking dos blogues portugueses:

E qual não é o meu espanto quando encontro este blogue (Follow the White Rabbit) em 333º lugar com 40 inbound links e 40 inbound blogs, números curiosos estes...

domingo, março 07, 2004

Curso Livre:

Começou na semana passada um Curso Livre de Teoria de Campo, na Faculdade de Ciências do Porto.

Sala cheia, com imensos alunos dos primeiros anos de Física e Matemática, pós-graduados e professores.
A primeira "aula" foi bastante elucidativa dos objectivos deste curso, tentar começar pela base.

Com o curso é livre, todos são convidados a assistir, por isso se estiverem interessados no tema apareçam.
Se não puderem aparecer, mantenham-se atentos a esta página.

sábado, março 06, 2004

Despedida e Regresso

Ultimamente tenho andado um pouco triste pelo facto do final da Rádio VOXX estar eminente... O pior de tudo é que a VOXX não tem substituto. Todas as outras rádios são completamente diferentes, para pior, por isso vai ser difícil passar sem VOXX no fututo. Espero que alguém retorne com um projecto parecido, senão tão bom quanto a VOXX.

Por outro lado, fiquei bastante contente quando vi que a FORMIGA regressou. Para mim, devo dizer que era o regresso mais esperado, e ainda bem que voltou em força. Achei interessante o post sobre o Minority Game , assunto sobre o qual tenho um certo gosto, e sobre o qual estou a pensar escrever aqui algumas linhas mais à frente.
Por isso, desejo desde já um bom regresso à Formiga.

O Departamento de Fisica da Faculdade de Ciências do Porto está mais uma vez de parabens

Desta vez, é relativo à participação de dois grupos de alunos do departamento ainda este ano, em voos parabólicos da ESA .

Este assunto já veio referenciado em alguns media:

Alunos de Física do Porto Vão Embarcar em Voos Parabólicos